Risk Management

The safety of our campuses is a cooperative effort of students, faculty, staff and visitors and all of us must assume responsibility for our own personal safety as well as the protection of our personal and College property.

Florida SouthWestern State College Risk Management Office handles the risk management and insurance for the College. It provides safety awareness to its employees. Its mission is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for campus employees, students and visiting public.

Florida SouthWestern State College belongs to the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium (FCSRMC). As a member of the Consortium, Florida SouthWestern State College participates in a program authorized by the Florida Legislature which allows the colleges in the state to join together to develop & implement a statewide cooperative system of risk management under one comprehensive plan. In addition, the Florida legislature has provided authority for the colleges to participate in self-insurance, excess insurance & specific insurance programs through the Consortium. These programs include: workers’ compensation, liability, property, health & life insurance & others.

You may visit the Consortium website at www.FCSRMC.com to obtain a host of information to promote safety awareness, address issues like the Pandemic Flu and hurricane procedures to protect your home and pets among a few.

Below is a list of Campus Safety Newsletters, Posters and Links that you may find helpful.