Obtain a PCard

To obtain a PCard, the individual must be a permanent full time employee. Each cardholder will need to designate two individuals within their department to become a reconciler and have a backup reconciler. Both will need banner & FAAINVT access to transactions for reconciliation. PCard activity is updated daily in Banner.

To apply for a PCard, you will need to complete a PCard Application through workflow. All applications route for approval to the applicants Budget Administrator, appropriate Vice President then to the Office of Financial Services. All applications are subject to approval.

Instructions on how to fill out the request form:

Section 1: Personal Data

Fill in all fields.

Section 2: Justification

Assigned reconciler to (CARDHOLDER NAME).
I will need access to FAAINT and list the Index(s) you will need access to.

Section 3: Banner Security

Click- Finance

Section 4 & 5:

Leave blank.

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