Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PCard?

A PCard is a College Visa credit card issued to full time staff and faculty. The PCard can be used for small dollar amount purchases without having to go through the purchase order, check request, or reimbursement process. The PCard will complement the purchase order process and not replace it.

Why use a PCard?

Using the PCard is a faster and a more convenient way to purchase goods and services. It offers a College wide benefit that includes reduced costs of processing purchases orders, invoices and checks for payment. It offers departments the convenience of purchasing and expediting their delivery of goods.

How do I use the PCard?

The PCard can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, within the approved limits set forth in the cardholder manual and college operating procedures. Purchases can be made in person, telephone, or internet and should only be used to purchase College related commodities and services. You should always get authorization from your Budget Administrator or Supervisor before using the card.

How do I apply for a PCard?

You can apply for a PCard using the PCard Application through workflow. You will be notified when the Office of Financial Services has received your application.

What happens after I apply?

Your application will route through the online workflow forms. Once, the PCard Specialist receives your approved application, you and your reconcilers will be notified to register for the next training session.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

You should notify Bank of America at 888.449.2273 as soon as you discover your card is lost or stolen. You will need to notify the PCard Specialist as well. Do not order a replacement card. The PCard Specialist will order one for you. You must also notify any merchants/vendors who have your PCard on file that your card has been lost.

What if I accidentally use my PCard to make a personal purchase?

If you accidentally purchase a personal item with your PCard, you can return non-consumables for credit and properly document the incident. The receipt for the original purchase and the receipt showing the credit should be given to your reconciler along with a brief explanation of the incident to be filed with the receipts. If the purchase cannot be returned, you must immediately reimburse the College.

What should I do if there is a charge that I did not make?

Fraudulent activity is defined as any transaction that appears on the bank statement that has not been initiated or authorized by the Cardholder. When fraudulent activity occurs, your Reconciler should be the first to recognize when the charges are fed into banner. As the cardholder, you will need to notify Bank of America as soon as you are aware of the charge

Will this affect my personal credit?

No. Obtaining an FSW PCard will not access or impact your personal credit history. Your credit will not be checked.

What is the billing address for the PCard?

8099 College Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33919

What if I lose my receipt?

If a receipt cannot be obtained at all or a receipt has been lost and cannot be replaced, then a Replacement/Missing Receipt Form (BO-056) must be completed. If a receipt is missing any of the components listed above and a more complete receipt cannot be obtained from the merchant, the same form should be completed and submitted to the Reconciler in lieu of a receipt.

What do I do if a merchant charges sales tax?

You should always attempt to return to the merchant and request a refund of the tax.

What if I do not receive a statement?

If you do not receive a statement a few days after the billing cycle has ended, you should email the PCard Specialist at to obtain a copy of your billing statement.

Is training required for the Purchasing Card?

Yes, all cardholder and reconcilers must attend training.

When do I receive my card?

Once the cardholder and their reconcilers have completed training, and the cardholder has read and signed the Cardholder Agreement, you will receive your card.

What do I do if a transaction is declined?

Ensure the purchase is within the single transaction limit, you have exceeded your monthly limit, the purchase is allowable, your purchase may have exceeded a single transaction or monthly cycle limit, the MCC code is blocked for that merchant or the vendor is not equipped to accept Visa as a payment. You may contact the PCard Specialist.

What if I need to make an approved purchase for more than my credit card limit?

If the need arises for a single transaction limit increase or cycle spending limit increase, the cardholder must complete a Temporary Limit Increase Form (BO-054). A temporary limit increase will raise the single transaction limit and/or the cycle spending limit for a time period not to exceed three (3) months. This form can be found on the portal under document manager. Once the form is completed, signed by the cardholder, approved by their Budget Administrator, it can be sent to the PCard Specialist for final approval via email. All temporary limit increases are subject to approval by the, Assistant Vice President, Financial Services. You will be notified via email when the limit increase is in place. Please allow up to 48 hours for the increase to be processed.

What if I know I made a charge that month, but the charge is not showing up?

There could be two possible reasons charges did not come through, 1) the vendor or merchant has not posted the charge. 2) There was a system failure. You should contact the PCard Specialist immediately if/when this happens.