Program Reviews

In order to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement, all academic programs at FSW set goals, collect data, and use the results to inform course and program improvement. Beginning AY 2014-2015 and continuing into the present, all academic programs leading to degree and certificate completion have shared a common program review template.

Program Review Components


  • Relationship of program to state needs and priorities
  • List of new/ renewed program accreditations in the last five years
  • Faculty and professional staff productivity during the year (papers, presentations, books, research)
  • Adequacy of resources (faculty, staff, physical space, equipment) to accomplish program goals


  • Headcount and FTE by program (Primary)
  • Demographic information by program (FT/PT, M/F, ethnicity, financial aid status, Pell Grant recipients, entering GPA)


  • Degrees/certificates conferred
  • Degrees conferred per 100 FTE
  • Average time to degree/certificate completion (For students who entered without transfer credit)
  • First-time full-time freshmen 3-year graduation rate (AA only)


  • Retention (Fall to Fall, retention or completer)
  • Service to other programs in the institution (AA or AS completers into Bachelor’s programs. Certificate completers into AA or AS programs.)

Course Data

  • Average Course Section Size


  • (Fall to Fall, retained with 2.5 GPA or higher, transferred with 2.5 or higher, graduated) (AA an AS only using State Accountability Data)
  • Licensure and certification exam pass rates (AS and BS only)


  • Program survey
  • SOS comparisons across modalities
  • Graduate follow-up results (employment rates and employer survey results where applicable, graduate surveys)