Workers' Compensation

Note: Only the Benefits office may authorize medical treatment in non-emergency related situations. If you have been injured at work and will be seeking treatment under Worker's Compensation, you must seek initial treatment from an authorized provider.

Work-Related Injuries

Florida SouthWestern State College provides Workers' Compensation Insurance for all college employees.

Medical Emergency

If you need emergency medical treatment, call 911 and Campus Campus Police immediately. If this is an emergency, initial treatment should be sought by calling 911.

Campus Police Campus Extensions:

  • Thomas Edison (Lee)  x1203 (239-489-9203)
  • Collier  x3712 (239-732-3712)
  • Charlotte  x5608 (941-637-5608)
  • Hendry Glades Curtis Center  x6017 (863-674-0408)

Step 1: Contact Campus Police immediately to report the accident or injury. Campus Police will complete an Incident /Accident Report, and you and/or Campus Police must contact the Benefits office at either 239-433-6916 or 239-489-9242.

Step 2: Contact your supervisor.

Step 3: If medical attention is required, the Benefits office will provide will provide a Referral for Medical Services and refer you to the College's Workers' Compensation Primary Care Physician. The Benefits office can also give can also give you a First Script form at that time for any prescriptions are necessary after the physician's visit.

Step 4: After seeing the Worker's Compensation Physician, immediately deliver and/or send medical certification to the Benefits office, Building O, Room 101, 8099 College Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33919. Any medical restrictions must be clearly communicated and approved by the Benefits office and your supervisor.

Step 5: If a return visit is required to the Worker's Compensation Physician and/or other treatment is recommended, follow-through with those instructions and report to the Benefits office and your supervisor.

Accident Incident Report form (PDF)