Charlotte Registered Student Organizations

Art Club:

Come paint, draw, and craft with our group, for yourself or even our campus!

Campus Activity Board (CAB):

Be a part of the team that creates the fun on our campus! Decide what themed event we’ll do next all the way down to the food and music!

Christian Club (SALT):

Be a part of like-minded youth, celebrating faith and love.

Circle K International (CKI):

Help our local community through organized volunteer work with different organizations.

Creative Writing Club:

Compare short stories, poems, and even meet celebrated authors, all with the artistic eye of Professor Pelot.

Cultural Arts Club:

Indulge in the finer arts by attending theater productions, museums, and concerts in our local area.

Multi-Cultural Club:

Learn about and celebrate different cultures from around the world to our own backyard.

Music Club:

Bring whatever instrument you have (or don’t) and rock out with budding musicians under the lead of professional banjo player Bob Barrett!

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK):

Apply to be a part of this honor society with your good grades and service learning record!

Student Government Association:

Campus Congress: The Student Government Association (SGA) acts as a liaison between FSW students, administration, and local and state officials. SGA actively works to meet the needs of students and enhance the quality of campus life. We do this by hosting various programs, funding student clubs and organizations, and community service. SGA endorses the following values: Advocacy, Service, Leadership, and Diversity.

Student Nurses Association (SNA):

Join other nursing students as they volunteer within our community and attend conferences in the health field.

UNIDOS: Hispanic Latinx Student Association

We are dedicated to connecting, unifying and empowering the Hispanic and Latinx/a/o students of FSW in the four-county region. UNIDOS aims to provide resources, programming, and leadership and professional development for this community while educating others on the Hispanic/Latinx/a/o culture.

For information, contact:

Jessica Russell Assistant Director, Campus Student Engagement Phone: 941-637-5634 Email: